Klopp on, Klopp off…

April 20, 2011

Failed state Supreme Court candidate Joanne Kloppenburg had until close of business today to decide whether to request a recount of her 7,316 vote loss to incumbent Justice David Prosser.  Or maybe we should say Kloppenburg had until close of business to relay the decision made by the AFL-CIO.  At this writing, it remains possible that the unions are so politically tone-deaf they’ll insist their wholly-owned candidate stick Wisconsin taxpayers with the million-dollar expense of a pointless recount, likely helping ensure that the next union defeat is by a wider margin.

If Kloppenburg does file for a recount, forcing the rest of us to pay for weeks of non-stories about a dozen votes changing hands here and there, there will be some satisfaction in remembering how she jumped in front of the cameras on election night, reassuring everyone how confident she was that her unofficial 204-vote margin would hold. If 204 was a safe margin, who but the puppet of interest groups plotting larceny would recount 7,316? 

Be grateful that we’ll never know what Kloppenburg’s reaction would have been if the shoe were on the other foot; if Prosser were behind by more than 7,300 votes and asking taxpayers to foot the bill for a recount.  It seems a safe bet that words like “desperate” and “wasteful” and “pathetic” would be liberally employed.

Here’s hoping the rank cynicism on display in the effort to elect Kloppenburg will only make it easier to apply those same words to the inevitable next attempt at turning the Court to the Left.


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