Three Misperceptions about the Kloppenburg Campaign

April 27, 2011

Fed up with a smarmy campaign that won’t go away, many people with conservative inclinations may misperceive current efforts to put JoAnne Kloppenburg on the state Supreme Court. 
  1.  Misperception: The recount proves they’re stupid.  The Kloppenburg campaign might be called stupid if they expect victory in an honest recount. We don’t believe that’s what they expect at all. Their hope to invent reasons to disqualify thousands of votes certified by the official canvass; to invent reasons why Kloppenburg should be awarded thousands of phantom votes no one’s heard of yet; and to get in front of a judge willing willing to buy their arguments. Since a Dane County judge will likely decide, expecting this to work may not be stupid at all.
  2.  Misperception: The recount is a waste of time.  Not if the purpose of the recount is to buy time. The meaningful action won’t be the counting. It will be court proceedings disputing the validity of individual groups of ballots as Kloppenburg’s allies run the clock past the Supreme Court’s summer recess. Assuming the Court eventually reviews challenges to the new collective bargaining law, recount litigation practically guarantees it won’t happen before the new term begins in August.  
  3.  Misperception: They can’t possibly win.  It depends on what they’re trying to win. With the legal team that made Al Franken a U.S. Senator, partisan judges and a media eager to sabotage conservatives, a stolen election is not inconceivable. But simply prolonging chaos advances the far bigger goal of ending Supreme Court elections altogether. There won’t be another until 2013 and the media are hard at work discrediting the concept.  Only continued Republican legislative majorities can block a constitutional amendment handing the choice of our judges to unelected panels of liberal lawyers. 
  Things aren’t always what they seem.


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