Surrounded by Reality

For Wisconsin residents living outside Madison and Dane County, the parallel universe that’s home to state government is the stuff of political mythology. A story this past Friday in Madison’s slightly less-Liberal newspaper should be required reading outstate, as it documents how real the myth can be.
At the height (so far) of protests against the Walker administration’s collective bargaining reforms, the story says, two out of every three teachers in the Madison school district blew off work to besiege the Capitol, without presenting any “legitimate” excuse.
That would be 1,769 out of 2,255 teachers.  It was further noted that 84 teachers presented false medical excuses—in the expectation, of course, that they would collect their regular pay while skipping school to demand the taxpayers pay more.
Reliably submissive to the union, the administration gave teachers until April 15 to “rescind” fraudulent medical excuses.  Two months’ time for reflection apparently wasn’t enough to convince everyone to tell the truth. Thirty-eight teachers stuck to their phony stories and were given suspension notices. However no suspensions will be enforced since the district bravely decided the guilty teachers had already forfeited one or more paid work days and called it even.   
Read the entire, sickening, story here.


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