Want Novocaine with that?

Evidently we hit a nerve.

Our analysis of the Kloppenburg recount strategy last Wednesday netted an indignant denunciation from the aspiring officeholder’s campaign manager, Melissa Mulliken. In case you missed it, a short version of what we said was that the Kloppenburg forces would try to conjure up technicalities to disqualify legitimate votes, manufacture new votes for Kloppenburg, get a Dane County judge to go along with their game, and stall any Supreme Court review of the new collective bargaining law at least until this fall.

We also mentioned how this advances the campaign by George Soros-funded Leftists and clueless media elites to discredit the whole idea of judicial elections, replacing them with an appointive system liberals can easily rig.

Mulliken said our talking about this adds up to an “extremist agenda,” according to WisPolitics.

If accepting the judgment of the voters and defending their right to decide who they trust to judge them is considered extremism, then we’re extremely proudly accept the label.

We can’t help remembering the Kloppenburg campaign moved at warp speed to declare results final when the apparent margin was 200 votes. Only when the margin topped seven thousand did the voters’ judgment suddenly become too thin to be credible, or “suspect.”

As for “baseless” expectations, the basis will be all too apparent when Kloppenburg lawyers file their motions to keep the recount unsettled and block the Supreme Court from doing its work.


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