Malarkey Update

It’s been two weeks since Melissa Mulliken, campaign manager for failed state Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg, called us extremists and said our assessment of their motives in the ongoing recount was “baseless.”

We said their agenda was above all to delay a final outcome so the new collective bargaining law would come before a deadlocked Supreme Court, allowing a bogus Dane County Circuit Court decision to be the final word.

So what’s happened since we made those allegedly “baseless” statements?

  • Mulliken told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the recount’s purpose was to make sure all votes are counted fairly and accurately.  That was supposed to explain the Kloppenburg campaign’s attempt to throw out thousands of obviously legitimate votes in Waukesha County.  Funny Kloppenburg’s campaign didn’t try to have votes in Dane County thrown out when similar “anomalies” were discovered
  • A Kloppenburg operative insisted on throwing out absentee ballots from a group of cloistered nuns in Sauk County on the technicality that the ballot envelopes lacked proper signatures—even though nobody questioned whether the sisters voted legitimately.
  • Kloppenburg recount observers have filed at least 400 formal objections to trifling inconsistencies that are routine in any election, recounted or not. 

The Sauk County maneuver illustrates the single-minded strategy.  In a “drawdown,” absentee ballots are eliminated at random; because nobody can tell whose they are.  So eighteen unidentified Sauk County residents had their votes erased to serve the Kloppenburg agenda of casting suspicion on the count. 

This is the behavior of people preparing to do exactly what we predicted: litigate the outcome and disable the Supreme Court, perhaps for the rest of this year.

Waukesha is still counting. No doubt more mullarkey, and more self-righteous denials, lie ahead.


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