Retirement = Reform

Recent weeks have seen multiple stories about Wisconsin public employees, especially unionized teachers, retiring early in unprecedented numbers.

This might to some extent reflect otherwise good teachers panicked into an unnecessary decision by scare stories spread by their union. But on balance, it may be a healthy development.

Nobody deserves much credibility when they say they love the children and it’s not about the money, if they’re willing to bail out of well-compensated indoor work with summers off, just because they have to start making smaller-than-average contributions to their retirement benefits and health care.

Like any other category of employees, some teachers earn what they’re paid and some don’t. But those who drop what they’re doing and flee if bound by the same rules as the people whose tax dollars pay their salaries will not be missed.

 Put it this way: If you are a parent with children in a Wisconsin public school, would you trust their education to someone who’d quit the job over Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reforms?


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