ID in Sight

After November’s elections, we recommended photo ID for Wisconsin voters be the first bill introduced. We still wish it had been, but are glad to see last week’s 60-35 Assembly vote passing the bill and sending it to the Senate.

The measure has of course met with the usual accusations.  State Democratic Party chairman Mike Tate alleged Republicans were on a “march toward voter suppression,” and were preparing to interfere with voting by not only “seniors, students and African-Americans,” but also active-duty military personnel serving in war zones.

The Democrats’ Supreme Genius evidently hasn’t caught up with the fact that military voters, and, increasingly, the elderly—tend to favor Republicans.   At the same time, he may have tipped his hand by calling the measure a “poll tax.” The charge is completely bogus but sure to be the centerpiece of any litigation seeking to overturn it.

Craftier Democrats raised the objection that getting a driver’s license is going to be more complicated because of federal anti-terrorism laws, but Representative Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) pointed out that the driver’s license changes are happening with or without photo id.

Savor the irony: Democrats in the Legislature say there’s no such thing as voter fraud in Wisconsin, ignoring numerous individuals imprisoned for manufacturing false registrations. Simultaneously, Democrats maneuvering to deadlock the state Supreme Court find signs of skullduggery in vote counts that were reported on election night, went unaltered in the official canvass, and have been validated in a hand recount.
So which way is it, guys?


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