Kloppenburglary Update

We may have to wait close to two weeks to find out whether JoAnne Kloppenburg will try to steal a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat through litigation.

Waukesha County, the only one still recounting, is expected to finish the job by Monday. After that, Kloppenburg has five business days to declare if she’ll appeal the result, weekends and holidays don’t count. So if the recount ends Monday the 23rd, Kloppenburg doesn’t have to announce her intentions until Tuesday the 31st.

If we were betting, our money would be on a May 31 announcement that this isn’t over.  An early clue would be a Kloppenburg statement that when the counting is done, the options will be carefully weighed.  There won’t be much time for weighing, but since delaying the final outcome of the election would be the primary goal of a litigation strategy, that’s really not a problem.

Why are we so sure Kloppenburg will sue the Government Accountability Board once they certify David Prosser as the winner?  Kloppenburg’s campaign has made more than 500 formal objections to decisions by canvassers in Waukesha County alone. People whose livelihood involves hand-to-hand combat in the courtroom don’t manufacture complaints on that scale unless they intend to use them for something.

In an opinion column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this week, Kloppenburg accuses the newspaper’s editorial board of jumping the gun with their prediction that Kloppenburg will sue to have the election results overturned. Kloppenburg uses phrases like “widespread and systemic errors and anomalies,” and “elections results that untainted by deceit and fraud” to convince us that she hasn’t made up her mind about taking the election results to court.

We think we got it right.


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