Blow off work, get a bonus

We can always count on Madison to blaze new trails when it comes to screwing over taxpayers. Last week Madison school board member Ed Hughes took note of the fact that the school district saved more than a million dollars in docked pay in February, when about 40 percent of its teachers staged an illegal walkout to protest at the Capitol.

So…apply that money to the next budget and maybe avoid some teacher layoffs? Use it to chip away at the district’s debt? Naaah! Mr. Hughes’ idea was to give a $200 gift card to every one of the district’s 4,000 employees, plus another $60 to cover the associated income tax liability. People who walked off the job would get a bonus payment.

Mr. Hughes, who has since withdrawn the proposal, derided those who questioned his idea, saying they had obviously never run a business and didn’t know anything about what it takes to maintain employee good will. We think one way of maintaining employee good will is to treat the people who do their work better than the ones who blow it off and lie about the reason, showing up after the fact with a fraudulent medical excuse.

Guess we’re just old-fashioned, and not very progressive.


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