The full-court press

Tuesday May 31st marks the deadline for JoAnne Kloppenburg and her handlers to declare whether they’ll mount a legal challenge to the state Supreme Court recount.

Expect them go to court, and expect them to wait every minute of their five day window before announcing it.

At about four p.m. Tuesday Kloppenburg will mouth some cynical nonsense about how carefully she reflected on her decision to try to overturn an election that’s been counted, recounted and verified, and how she takes no enjoyment in this but it’s her responsibility to the people, blah, blah, blah.

From the moment this election went from a 200-vote margin Kloppenburg said was rock solid to a 7,000-vote margin she said was too thin to trust, it’s been painfully obvious where things were headed.

Last Friday, campaign manager Mulliken issued a statement saying the recount revealed “numerous anomalies and irregularities. Vote tallies have changed in every county.”

Anybody who’s been part of more than one recount understands it’s a non-story that vote tallies changed in every county. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if vote tallies changed by one or two in every precinct.  The net result was to reduce Prosser’s margin of victory by four tenths of one percent.

And here’s what the Government Accountability Board—no nest of right-wingers—said last week about the kind of “anomalies and irregularities” the Kloppenburglars are planning to sue over:

  • Even if the container or bag is somehow opened later, or if the chain of custody is broken, election officials have the original print-out tape from the machine, as well as the electronic memory device from the machine. This enables election officials to determine the election night vote count.
  • Typically in a recount, there are minor differences due to ballot marking errors by voters or issues encountered with the optical scanners. 
  • G.A.B. staff has created an internal review process to check each ward’s recount totals against the original canvass totals to look for variances of plus or minus 10 votes.  Any ward in which 10 more or 10 fewer votes are reported is flagged by staff for follow-up with the county clerk for an explanation of the reason.  So far, we have found no significant, unexplained variances of vote totals.  Staff will continue to review Waukesha County’s results as they come in each day until the recount is complete.

  The upside?  The Left is teaching us a lesson we’ll never forget.


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