Eight weeks after losing the Supreme Court election to Justice David Prosser by over 7,000 votes, JoAnne Kloppenburg finally admitted defeat.

 We’d love to think we had that much influence, but realistically nobody here believes JoAnne Kloppenburg called it quits just to spoil our predictions.  Something bigger is at work.

 One strong possibility is that Kloppenburg and the union bosses who had the most to gain had she been elected to the state Supreme Court could see that their game was about played out.  Taxpaying voters would punish them in the voting booth at every opportunity if they pushed ahead with electoral sabotage.

 It would be naïve to think the mischief is over, however.

 Kloppenburg‘s concession statement was an extraordinarily lengthy exercise in self-justification. Its real meaning may be divined from countless references to “the numerous, glaring irregularities and anomalies“discovered by the recount all across the state.

Clearly this is Kloppenburg’s first experience with a recount, otherwise she’d know the kind of irregularities and anomalies discovered are not the stuff of a Nancy Drew mystery but the mundane and usually insignificant human error that’s found every time ballots are recounted.    

Another clue to where things may be headed was Kloppenburg’s remark that “The campaign may be over but there is still work to do.” 

Look for the routine errors, and the single, giant foul-up in reporting the Brookfield votes—which had nothing whatever to do with any systemic flaw in our elections—to be conflated into an excuse to argue for an end to judicial elections.

 If the Left can bring about that calamity, they’ll have won a far bigger prize than JoAnne Kloppenburg on the Supreme Court could ever have delivered.


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