“Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.”

The movie classic Chinatown ends in despair over life in a place where those in authority make or break the rules to suit themselves. If you think that sounds a lot like Dane County, you’re right.

Last week a judge in Madison gave  the Government Accountability Board (GAB) more time to find excuses not  to make Senate Democrats face their constituents in recall elections.

The stunningly unaccountable accountability board had no trouble deciding recall petitions against six Republican senators were all in proper order. They’ll have to win their seats back July 12, against a government union-engineered effort to overturn last November’s elections.

Thanks to Dane County Judge John Markson, the GAB has an extra week to invent defects in the petitions against three Democrats, and if they do have to defend their seats, it’ll be a week after the elections for the six Republicans.

So the “Chinatown” reference seems especially appropriate: The Republican Senators who performed with integrity in the face of rabid opposition could be kicked out of office, while those who pulled every trick in the book—like fleeing the state to escape doing their jobs, might wriggle off the hook and even be rewarded with more power if the Senate majority changes hands.

In Wisconsin’s Chinatown that wasn’t enough for one week. On Friday the Madison City Council city gave the Leftist mobs a permit to erect a tent city on the Capitol Square, making it easier to conduct their 24-hour tantrums for the next few weeks.

This summer’s mental health tip: If you don’t absolutely have to be in Madison, don’t go there.


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