Desperate Attempts to Get Attention

One thing worth remembering about the Walkerville protesters, who never numbered more than a couple hundred, is the depraved and hateful tactics they used to try and demonstrate the “public’s” outrage. Protest organizer Dave Boetcher told a Madison newspaper their goal was to “shed light” on the state budget. Instead they shed light on their own desperate attempts to
get media attention by:

  • Breaking up a Red Cross blood in the Capitol Rotunda;
  • Frightening Special Olympians looming over them dressed as zombies, to disrupt a presentation by the governor;
  • Shrieking “Kill the bill!” over and over as the state Senate arose for a moment of silent prayer before debating the budget;
  • Shackling themselves by their necks to the railing of the Senate gallery using bicycle locks. One  participant managed to swallow his key;
  • Defacing the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce headquarters with graffiti.

These acts were so vile and over the top that even the Democratic legislators who opened ground floor windows to let deranged
pot-smoking vandals could occupy the State Capitol in March, tried desperately to distance themselves from their supporters.

Senator Tim Carpenter (D) Milwaukee said, “said the “zombie” protest was simply “off the deep end,” and that those type of stunts are for people “just trying to get on TV.” He went on to register his displeasure with the “zombie” protest saying “I don’t think it’s classy.”

Not classy doesn’t even begin to cover it.


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