Vouching for Liberal credibility

You don’t have to be crazy to understand legislative Democrats, but, as they say, it helps.  Ask the people Democrats claim as their core constituencies.

The day the Assembly took up the state budget, the Racine Journal Times reported the Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce board voted unequivocal support for budget language extending school choice vouchers to its community.

For many lower-income families, that means a crucial opportunity to seek a better education.  The education establishment’s complaint that vouchers harm public schools by taking away state aid is misleading at best, because the aid follows the student.  A school district has no legitimate claim on aid payments for students it doesn’t enroll.

That’s one objection disposed of. But what about Democrats—who claim to defend low-income people against attacks by Republicans and big business—lining up to deny low-income people educational opportunities offered by Republicans and the business community???

The same day the Racine business group weighed in, an Associated Press story out of Madison announced Assembly Democrats’ intention “to offer at least two dozen amendments to the Republican-backed state budget to undo proposed cuts to education and programs benefiting the poor.”

Umm, would this boon to education and the poor include the amendment State Rep. Robert Turner (D-Racine) said he’d propose, to eliminate Racine County school vouchers from the budget? Do Turner’s low-income constituents know?  Or did he think only the teachers’ union bosses read the newspaper?

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) said his party’s first priority would be to fully fund public education.  Clearly, Barca, Turner and other Democrats are happy to target limitless spending to low-income constituencies—provided those onstituencies are denied any freedom to receive the largesse someplace other than the Democrats’ company store.


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