Supremely unseemly

Not knowing what happened any better than anybody else who wasn’t there, we’ll be cautious in commenting about last weekend’s story of a physical altercation between two justices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

We fervently hope for an honest investigation. But it’s not unreasonable to ask whether the public can expect one, given Wisconsin’s current political atmosphere.  Change of venue may be impractical here but the judicial system provides for it in circumstances far less toxic and hate-filled than those surrounding this bizarre episode.

It would also be naïve to overlook who stands to gain from allegations that David Prosser put his hands around Anne Walsh Bradley’s neck during a dispute in Bradley’s office.  Some sources say Bradley was the aggressor. We hope the investigation sorts that
out.  But isn’t it interesting that anonymous sources floated this story days after the Leftist-government union alliance suffered what would normally be considered final defeat in the battle over Wisconsin’s collective bargaining law?

If anything has been demonstrated by the infantile politics on display since last November’s elections, it’s that keeping conflict unresolved is what sustains the Left. Elections don’t count. The actions of lawfully constituted governing bodies don’t matter. The norms of civil procedure are to be systematically breached except when they confer advantage on the Left. No slander is too vile. No dispute is ever settled unless the Left considers itself to be ahead.  If an opponent can’t be defeated in an election he may be destroyed by other means; any means available. This is not new. This is the Left as it’s always been, now revealing its true nature in reaction to serial defeat.

The unanswered question is whether the Supreme Court fracas might be just one more example.


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