Teachers Behaving Badly

Government unions consider themselves the rightful rulers of us all, and they’re shocked when those who pay the bills question what’s going on.

So there’s nothing surprising about the campaign emails of Shelly Moore, a Democrat hoping to unseat Republican State Senator Sheila Harsdorf in a recall election on August 9th. What’s noteworthy is that Moore, a teacher in the Ellsworth School District, sent and received these emails using school facilities, allegedly on paid, school-district time.  The very existence of these emails demonstrates contempt for taxpayers.

Having obtained the emails through an open-records request to the school district, the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) last Wednesday filed a formal complaint asking the Government Accountability Board to investigate.

According to the RPW:

The email exchanges, which were sent between February and April of this year, reveal a frenzied effort on the part of Moore to organize the recall of her opponent, Senator Sheila Harsdorf.  Moore  discusses political activity and union-organized political vents over email on several occasions, many of the exchanges occurring during official school hours.  Moore also exchanges emails regarding her potential candidacy for the state senate.

The emails read like a family album of people who have rid themselves of nagging scruples by redefining virtue as whatever they  want to do. The inevitable result is public sector employees like Moore who reject any responsibility to the private citizens who sustain them.

In one email, Moore acknowledges that her use of taxpayer funded resources for campaign activities is wrong, but says she doesn’t care.

We are not supposed to use school email, but since all of our rights are being taken away, I don’t frankly care.”

The Ellsworth School District appears to have taken liberties with the open records law by running a magic marker through the names and email addresses of dozens of people exchanging emails with Moore about her campaign for State Senate. One can only
guess how many other public employees joined Moore in knowingly abusing public property for political gain.

Perhaps another open records request is order.


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