Not conquest, Liberation

Here’s one that will have them kicking over the furniture at the Labor Temple. It seems Wisconsin’s new collective bargaining law is finding support in unlikely places. Unlikely, that is, for those wedded to conventional wisdom.

But it looks like conventional wisdom is wrong.  Some union members are actually enthusiastic about the liberating effects of the new law. Teachers and others who have been forced to join government unions now have the opportunity to find out whether their dues have been buying anything besides political advocacy for viewpoints with which they do not necessarily agree.

Our hunch is that union bosses would be very, very nervous about this. Remember the Racine firefighter whose July 4th 9/11 tribute was shunned by his union “brothers” because he chooses to be a fair-share member?

It’s our understanding that he’s had fair-share status for a long time, but the union hasn’t’t been able to calculate the appropriate dues payment to cover his collective bargaining representation. Maybe they prefer not to have anyone find out what a small amount that is, compared to the union’s political spending.

One thing you can safely assume is that for every union member who speaks up in support of the new arrangements, there are a good many others who agree but keep quiet for fear of reprisals.

Nothing wrong with that; freedom can be scary if you aren’t’t used to it. But the Stockholm Syndrome can be cured.


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