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Government union bosses who surely know better, are pretending the election of Scott Walker made Wisconsin into an outer precinct of Hell. We trust they’re smart enough to recognize that- propaganda notwithstanding—they still have it pretty soft here.

If you find that hard to believe, look at Connecticut. Public employee unions there were feeling cocky after the 2010 elections left the state with wall-to-wall Democrats, including one replacing a (nominal) Republican in the Governor’s office.

Alas, things have fallen short of expectations. The new Governor, Daniel Malloy, is trying to close a $1.6 billion budget deficit brought on partly by rich public worker benefits.

To put it mildly, Connecticut unions overplayed their hand. Several thousand government workers are losing their jobs this week, after their unions rejected concessions that would have kept them working at current salary levels.

So pretend you’re a visitor from another galaxy and all you know is that one state’s Republican governor won modest benefit concessions from public unions but kept all their members on the job, while in another, richer state, a Democrat governor failed to win concessions and is laying off thousands of union members who supported him.

Now guess which state’s union members march around with pictures of the governor made up to look like the second-bloodiest dictator of the 20th century. (The bloodiest dictator is never brought up, possibly because some union bosses liked him.)

Connecticut is just one of many states with mass layoffs of government employees. Ironically Wisconsin—where unions are yelling the loudest—is among the places where they have it best


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