For far too long, far too many Republicans thought the only viable defense against destructive Liberal ideas was to implement them a little more slowly and finance them a little less generously than the Left preferred.  Thankfully, that’s over.

A fitting official holiday to mark the occasion might be the anniversary of then-Governor Elect Scott Walker saying yes, he really was serious about Wisconsin rejecting borrowed federal money for a not-so-high-speed rail line where one was least needed.

And now another celebration is in order, as the curtain closed last week on the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee (KRM) rail project.  Five years in the unmaking, this boondoggle would have become a steady drain on local taxpayers, but for the efforts of elected officials and constituencies that knew how to say no.

Coincidentally, the Wall Street Journal’s Holman Jenkins this week shared his take on why high-speed rail stands out in the Liberal Pantheon of Bad Ideas.  It’s not about transportation. It’s
about spending lots of money.


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