It’s no coincidence, comrade

That headline was a standard remark in the old Soviet Union, whenever someone who criticized the regime suddenly hit a patch of what elsewhere might have passed for bad luck.

In the here and now of Wisconsin politics, it’s no coincidence that new media outlets suddenly find themselves being talked about as somehow disreputable, and targeted for retaliation and intimidation by some of the subjects of their reporting.

The MacIver Institute is roundly detested by Democrats and those even farther to the Left. That’s because the MacIver folks are continually on hand with video cameras to show the world things it needs to see. Things like an angry mob of union thugs shouting the Governor down during the opening ceremony at the Wisconsin State Fair.

We should be grateful, both for the MacIver Institute’s diligence in documenting the stark reality of swinish left-wing behavior, and for the Left’s boneheaded stupidity in putting its true character constantly on display.

Now another new media venture is under attack by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and its unhinged communications director. The party hack has actually threatened—in writing—to retaliate against the new organization called Wisconsin Reporter because he dislikes what turns up in its coverage.

The problem with Wisconsin Reporter, as far as Democrats are concerned, is that it asks about and reports things most other media ignore.  We suspect it is not irrelevant that those other media, pretty much from coast to coast, suffer from declining influence.


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