A failed frame-up

Police reports of statements given by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices in the bogus “choke-hold” incident show that if any member of the Court has been lucky to escape liability, it’s Ann Walsh Bradley, not David Prosser.

For weeks, Capitol insiders had been saying Liberal Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and her Mini-Me Bradley desperately needed the affair to disappear.  Why?

Because other Justices’ statements verify that Prosser was falsely accused by Bradley.  Prosser is joined by two others saying Bradley advanced on him rapidly, jabbing her clenched fist in his face.  It’s specifically confirmed that Justice Roggensack said “Ann, this isn’t like you,” and physically pulled Bradley away from Prosser.

No one with an ounce of compassion would have wanted this episode to go on any longer, for Prosser’s sake.  But slander rates no compassion.  It would have been endlessly entertaining to watch Bradley’s tale wither and decompose in open court, before the eyes of Wisconsin voters.  Bradley and the Chief had to find a way out that wouldn’t be too laughably obvious.

That the job of reviewing and ultimately discarding the case was handed off to an elected Republican district attorney isn’t hard to understand. The series of Democrats who ran this railroad from day one could no more tolerate one of their own pulling the plug than they could afford to risk two of their favorite jurists trying to hold their flimsy story together under oath.

If there’s one piece of this that deserves to be remembered, it’s what it says about the credibility of Bradley and Abrahamson. It also speaks about the Dane County “justice” system that played the angles for two months before concluding it had better find a way to flush the whole, stinking mess.


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