Looks like we’ve started something…

You probably don’t need to be reminded of the nationwide historic significance of what’s happened in Wisconsin government over the past eight months, but it feels good to say it.

For roughly half a century state and local political realities have been shaped by a corrupt symbiosis between unions and intrusive, expansionist government.

Union dues taken involuntarily from workers were (and still are) invested in making sure government keeps union dues flowing. In short, your tax dollars have bankrolled a never-ending campaign to expand government and make you pay higher taxes.

Wisconsin has launched a literal revolution against this political racket, and the nation is watching. Former Capitol staffer Christian Schneider wrote about it for National Review Online.

In suburban Milwaukee, the Brown Deer school district is implementing a plan to allow performance pay for its best teachers. “No Wisconsin public-school district has ever had the opportunity in any of our lifetimes to even think about these things,” said Brown Deer Public Schools finance director Emily Koczela in an interview with a local television station. “We’re looking at understanding what effective teaching is, how to measure it in the children’s point of view, and how to reward teachers that consistently turn in a performance that’s better than the norm,” added Koczela.

Similar uprisings are happening elsewhere.  Looking in panic to 2012, unions are spending potentially irreplaceable millions on a November referendum where Ohio voters will decide whether reforms enacted this spring will stand. As with Wisconsin’s recalls, they’re emptying the checkbook in an all-or-nothing bid to revive their money machine in time for next year’s climactic showdown.

The Columbus Dispatch is finding union members who aren’t on the same page as their “leaders.” Interestingly, the Columbus newspaper mentions a prominent player in the campaign to repeal the reforms, called “We Are Ohio.”  In the recent state Senate recalls, “We Are Wisconsin” turned out to be nothing but a front group for national unions.  Tip for Ohio voters: They weren’t Wisconsin, and they aren’t Ohio.


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