Every boss for himself

A few weeks ago we reported that the state’s largest teacher union (WEAC), had laid off 40% of its staff. WEAC blamed the layoffs on budget reforms that gave school districts the tools to save money by competing for lower cost employee health insurance and by requiring employees to pay something toward their health insurance and pensions. School districts across Wisconsin are using these tools to avoid teacher layoffs and lower class sizes, goals the union claimed to support until those goals came in conflict with perpetuating the fat compensation its bosses.

Now we learn that WEAC’s policies regarding the reinstatement of staff has the National Staff Organization (NSO) up in arms. The NSO describes itself as “the world’s largest union of union staff,” and they’re urging their members to boycott WEAC. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Chuck Agerstrand, president of the National Support Organization, is accusing WEAC officials of “breaching staff contracts and destroying any working relationship with its employees.”

“WEAC management is taking a page out of Gov. (Scott) Walker’splaybook and making up new employment rules not in the (United Staff Union) contract,” Agerstrand said on the labor group’s website. “They should be looking to the 42 employees they laid off to fill vacancies before they go outside the state.”

In other words, the national labor organization says WEAC isn’t’t following the agreed-upon rules for filling a vacancy after a round of staff cutbacks.

It comes as no surprise to us that the same union who would throw thousands of teachers under the bus to save its own hide would violate its hiring policies, but it’s reassuring to know that their members are starting to figure out who the union really represents.


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