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For embittered union bosses, raw emotion fueled this summer’s attempt to flip control of the state Senate. Now, people who have the responsibility of governing this state are taking a more rational look at the appropriate use of recall elections.

In an especially lucid constituent newsletter, State Rep. Kevin Petersen (R-Waupaca) points out that Wisconsin is one of just 19 states that allow citizens to force a mid-term election to fire and replace an elected official.

“Supporters of recall elections maintain it provides a way for citizens to retain control over elected officials who are not representing the best interests of their constituents, or who are unresponsive or incompetent. Opponents argue the threat of a recall election lessens the independence of elected officials, and can lead to abuses by well-financed special interest groups,” Petersen writes.

A recall isn’t unexpected if there’s misconduct in office, but local taxpayers coughed up more than $2 million this summer for recalls based on simple disagreements over public policy, Petersen says. But it takes only a small minority…to initiate a recall for removal of that individual from office.”

Petersen is co-sponsoring a constitutional amendment limiting recalls to officials charged with serious crimes or if there’s probable cause to believe the official has violated a state ethics code.

He would not make the process of pursuing a recall more burdensome. The existence of a recall petition would remain sufficient grounds for the effort to proceed.

But the amendment could curb the Leftist strategy of continuous chaos by putting disagreements over a legislator’s lawful votes out of bounds for recall attempts. That’s what regular elections are for.

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