Happy Columbus Day!

There is special satisfaction in commenting on the recent judicial smack-down of the politically-correct Department of Public Instruction, as yesterday was the anniversary of the designated arch-villain Christopher Columbus setting foot upon the New World.

Whether or not the Mukwonago School District’s successful defense of its “Indians” team name leads to further victories for common sense, it has already demonstrated one transcendentally important point, namely, that people who define themselves by their grievances are unlikely to ever satisfied by the steps taken to appease them.

What do we mean by that? Read Circuit Judge Donald Hassin’s rationale for ruling the DPI’s persecution of the school district unconstitutional:

If [the DPI hearing examiner] could not articulate what evidence was required for the District to meet its burden of proof, then it is reasonable to assume that no evidence that the District could have provided would have, in [the examiner’s] mind, met the burden.”

Precisely. In the minds of the perpetually aggrieved, nothing can be sufficient to prove the absence of hostile intent. What tripped up the DPI was its open refusal to see any viewpoint other than that of the complainant. Its employee’s admission that he couldn’t fathom how the school district might show itself to be innocent of bigotry demonstrates how outcomes are predetermined. “Execution first, trial afterward,” as they used to say in Wonderland.

The DPI can keep trying and undoubtedly will. But the important thing is that from here on out its edicts concerning imaginary race-baiting warrant no respect. Even the bureaucracy’s tireless effort couldn’t keep the grownups from taking this step toward a genuine post-racial society.


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