Recall Fever, II

We talked about elements of the Democratic Party flailing away at anyone—even on their own side—who won’t promise to grant their every vengeful wish.  It’s bad politics, and it’s also bad policy when such infantile rage is allowed to pervert the political system.

We refer here to the nominal Democrats—in this case more accurately called political vandals—who intend to recall State Senators next year but can’t say which ones. To these people nothing much matters except destroying anyone with an “R” after their name.

This is where the structural integrity of constitutional government is seriously threatened.

“We just want him out” shouldn’t be sufficient grounds to recall. But under current law it is, with the result of empowering every overgrown baby who didn’t get his way last November to nullify the will of the majority.

That’s why the proposed constitutional amendment authored by State Rep. Robin Vos (R-Burlington) is a necessity. Recalls, as Vos would have it, would be used to address actual malfeasance in office, not to overturn the lawful result of the most recent statewide or legislative election.

Before the first petition signature is gathered in the threatened new round of recalls, it’s plain to see the deliberate abuse of the system.  This is clear because the perpetrators of the recalls can’t even say who they plan to target and nobody is quite sure whether the applicable district lines will be those in effect for the 2010 elections or the new ones drawn following the 2010 census.

Stand by for litigation.


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