At least they’re professional…

It’s one thing to suspect deep down inside that some of the people who squatted in the State Capitol, filled the streets, messed with Wisconsin’s spring elections, ginned up the recalls, and now make up an activist core for the noxious “occupy” movement do this sort of thing for a living. It’s quite another thing to actually see the evidence build.

That’s why it’s especially satisfying to have a group like Media Trackers on the job.

Media Trackers, a conservative watchdog group, have zeroed in on Occupy Milwaukee protester Austin Thompson and are finding lots of interesting things.

For instance, Thompson has more than one home address—one at a Milwaukee-area hotel for purposes of voting in Wisconsin elections, and another in Georgia for purposes of identifying himself when, for instance, he’s stopped by police for traffic violations.

And before he was an Occupy Milwaukee “activist” he was working with the same outfit that was running the still-unresolved ribs for votes operation to help State Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay) in her failed attempt to take down State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills).

What’s sobering is how this illuminates the difference between a civilized political controversy and the present situation. This is no dispute between one set of Wisconsinites and another—friends and neighbors in many cases—who have differing priorities for their government and will settle things in an orderly way at the next scheduled election. This is an attempt to seize control of government by people who refuse to recognize any election they don’t win and regard radical mayhem as a full-time career.

Austin Thompson is just one guy. But where there’s smoke…


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