Forbidden Facts

It’s no wonder Democrats want to shut down a new website cataloging the results of collective bargaining changes in this year’s budget bill. And it’s no surprise that the plan of attack is to claim the website is an improper use of taxpayer dollars.

When you can’t challenge the data and don’t dare argue the supposed “merits” of the system you’d like to restore, the only thing left is to suggest that putting the facts in front of the public is probably a crime.

Anyone who’s unsure whether the Walker reforms are working can resolve their doubts by looking at the numbers provided by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau and local media accounts, showing the savings to local taxpayers.

It turns out that requiring government employees to contribute something to their own health insurance and retirement benefits actually does help local governments and school districts balance their budgets.

Don’t miss the video from the Merrill School District. In the midst of people trying to use raw political muscle to take more and more, it’s actually touching to hear about educators and administrators in Merrill pulling together for the good of their community.

Along with impressive statistics from all across the state, the videos from Merrill and other districts should clear up any questions about why Democrats don’t want people to see this website.


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