Nonsense to be taken seriously

Last week Democrats staged a rally at the Capitol to fire up their troops for another round of recall attempts, with petitioners going to work this Saturday. We checked it out. There were four people visible outside the building if you count the guy who was mowing the lawn.

Inside, we’re told, they managed to gather about 100, which might sound a bit more impressive until you ask yourself what happened to the thousands who were yelling and waving signs last winter. The crowds continue to shrink. Occupy Madison drew twice as many as the recall rally, and those people couldn’t give anyone a coherent answer as to what they were trying to do.

We probably shouldn’t dwell on these things but the idea of Dave Obey suggesting Scott Walker has “a chip on his shoulder” can’t be allowed to pass without comment. If an ex-41 year congressman known nationwide for his foul disposition thinks he’s going to recast himself as Mr. Sunshine, we can at least look forward to some unintentional comedy.

The shortage of appealing candidates, combined with recent improvement of the Governor’s polling numbers and accumulating proof that his reforms are working, add up to a tough slog for Democrats trying to undo the 2010 elections.

But don’t imagine that means further recall attempts can be lightly dismissed; just the opposite. Precisely because the level of desperation on the Democrats’ side is so high, the claims they make are sure to grow more and more outrageous. Buckle up.


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