The map is not the problem

Let’s stipulate that in the alternative universe inhabited by Wisconsin Democrats, it might be a political mistake to write a redistricting law that says recalls prior to the November 2012 general election will be run on the district lines used in 2010.

It’s the kind of mistake people are forced to make if their real-world objective is orderly governance. The problem lies with those who find themselves out of power when orderly governance prevails.

Some weeks ago we predicted litigation over the district lines if there are additional legislative recalls this year. That sorry outcome looks more likely than ever.

And of course the media and politicians who seek their favor are making hay out of a Republican effort to move up implementation of the new—constitutionally mandated—district lines. But looming over all the minutiae is the overriding question Wisconsin voters have to decide whether they want to or not: How long do we put up with the childish antics of the Democratic Party and the extraterrestrial leftists who control it?

Because make no mistake, there is talk of continuous recalls only because the Democrats have an enormous problem of their own making: Increasingly rejected on Election Day, their comeback strategy is not to present ideas with broader appeal, but rather to demand that elections be done over again until the voters get it right.

The normal election cycle that makes representative democracy viable must therefore be thrown out. Here and there, this will give militant leftists a chance at outnumbering normal voters.


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