Going Bananas

Last week Ismael Ozanne, the Democrat district attorney in Dane County announced he would not file charges against a woman who suggested on an anti-Walker web site, that instead of observing the formalities of an election, recall enthusiasts should simply “kill” the Governor.

The D.A.reasoned there was no death threat because there was no evidence the message reached Governor Walker.

But for sheer, jaw-dropping self-righteousness, it would be hard to top the remarks in this story about doctors who manufactured sick-leave notes for Capitol protesters last winter. They’ve finally met their fate and it’s evidently a cozy one, though much of the “punishment” remains secret.

State officials who regulate the medical profession concluded the real problem wasn’t that University of Wisconsin physicians used their positions to create false documents and help protesters—chiefly public school teachers—steal from taxpayers. No, the real problem was sloppy record-keeping.

The wayward doctors must now endure the horror of four hours of “continuing education” to ensure that they keep adequate records of patient consultations. Future protesters must anticipate more annoying paperwork before they can obtain fake sick leave notes from medical professionals you employ.

Just another week in the banana republic of Dane County.


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