Job Jive

Democrats are claiming the shrinkage of Wisconsin’s work force over the past few months is the result of Governor Walker’s policy changes.

In other words, balancing the state budget for the first time in 12 years without raises taxes or laying off thousands of state employees are very, very bad things.

Pardon us for belaboring the obvious but Democrats, with nothing to offer except a mindless trudge into socialist insolvency, will blame Walker for every flat tire, hailstorm, deceased goldfish, un-mowed lawn and leaky roof that occurs from now until eight years after he leaves office.

A more plausible interpretation of the state’s economy is the inescapable fact that it’s part of the nation’s economy. An economy that has been pounded into the ground by policies Democrats are working to re-impose here, if only they can get rid of Walker.


About Wisconsin Club for Growth
The Club for Growth is a national network of over 40,000 men and women, from all walks of life, who believe that prosperity and opportunity come through economic freedom. Wisconsin Club for Growth, Inc. is dedicated to informing, educating and rallying citizens of Wisconsin to embrace and enact policies that lead to sustained economic growth, limited government, and minimal taxation. Wisconsin Club for Growth can and will have an enormous impact on the direction of our state. Wisconsin Club for Growth believes that effective lobbying is done at all stages of the budget cycle, including when our leaders make public promises and can be encouraged to support policies that spur economic growth. Wisconsin Club for Growth believes we must support pro-growth policies and encourage public officials with backbones to remain truly committed to making our economy and our state stronger. Wisconsin Club for Growth believes our leaders must stand up to the tax and spend mentality in Madison and work tirelessly to cut taxes and unleash the power of the free-market.

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