Bummer stickers

Why weren’t we surprised to see, among a handful of “Recall Walker” bumper stickers, a new one labeled “the Walker education plan” with a crude illustration depicting kids being thrown under a school bus?

After all, last week we noted the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators’ survey reveals that the overwhelming majority of school districts are adding math, science, language, arts and music classes and preserving athletic programs under the Walker reforms.

The same survey showed new teacher hires outnumbering layoffs by a margin of more than 1,200 statewide—and the layoffs that have occurred are concentrated overwhelmingly (68%) in three districts that have thus far managed, unwisely, to sidestep the Walker reforms.

Nevertheless, we weren’t surprised because except in a few certifiably insane communities like Madison, it’s no longer possible for Liberals to obtain popular consent to their agenda unless they lie successfully about the alternatives.

The person displaying the bumper sticker may have been deliberately hoping to mislead others, or may just be an ignoramus who actually thinks Wisconsin schools are worse off today than when the state was headed for bankruptcy and massive teacher layoffs really were lurking around the corner.

Our guess is it was the latter: If you’re trying to make others believe something that’s transparently false, it helps if you can make yourself believe it first.

There’s no other way to explain otherwise intelligent adults using the comfort of teacher unions as their measure of the quality of public education. Even allowing for the flaws of human nature, to become that self-centered takes a lifetime of constant practice.

Nowadays, a quick look at a rear bumper can help identify someone who practices harder than most.


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