Good luck with that First Amendment thing

If you wonder what kind of place Wisconsin would be if the people who are pushing to recall Governor Walker have their way, look no further.

Wisconsin Reporter tells of a teacher who dared to say in a TV ad that the Walker reforms were needed and aren’t grounds for removing an elected official from office.

In the kind of place recall advocates want Wisconsin to be, those opinions justify a campaign of personal vilification and threats.

But that happened in Kenosha, where you’d expect local unions to mount a—shall we say muscular?—response to the Walker reforms. It wouldn’t happen in most places; especially not in a Republican stronghold like Waukesha County, right?


It seems a member of the Waukesha School Board has been hauled before the Inquisition for expressing her opinion in an ad supportive of the Governor. The alleged problem is that the opinion might be construed as an endorsement of the Governor by the supposedly non-partisan school board, since the speaker is readily recognizable as a board member.

That lame excuse is absurd on its face: The speaker is identified by first name only and as a “school board member,” not a “Waukesha School Board member,” and the ad didn’t air in the Milwaukee area.   We’d like to know how many Waukesha residents, for heaven’s sake, could identify their school board members by sight.

On any given day somewhere in Wisconsin, broadminded, tolerant, diversity-loving Liberals can be found serving notice that if you disagree with them you’d better keep your thoughts to yourself or face real consequences.

That doesn’t sound like the Wisconsin we know. The places it does sound like used to be home to lots of people who fled—to Wisconsin.


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