Calling Jimmy Carter…

Through three decades of involuntary retirement, the Former Worst President in U.S. History has spent much of his time monitoring elections in Third World countries, to make sure they’re on the level.  His services are badly needed at home.

Phony signatures on presidential nominating petitions from 2008 are under investigation in Indiana.

In New Hampshire, people can easily cast ballots under the names of the dead.  Voter ID is brushed aside and efforts to purge the deceased from voter lists are shown to be unserious.

But none of this can top the absurdity of voting-day registration in Milwaukee. An independent review of polling-place registrations from the 2011 Spring Election found multiple instances of out-of-state driver’s licenses being accepted as proof of Wisconsin residency. People used hotel receipts—the sort of thing we’d regard as evidence that you actually live someplace else—to prove local residency.   Errors were found on more than one in three registration forms.

But then look at this: The Milwaukee review by the Grandsons of Liberty found that 94 percent of same-day registrants had an official photo ID. The Left’s favorite excuse for shrieking about voter suppression is demonstrably a non-issue.  In fact, the only suppression worth discussing is the suppression of the fraudulent voting Democrats struggle desperately to continue.

These revelations should remind honest citizens that their vote is both precious, and threatened. Ballot integrity is one of the things that determine whether people are governed by their peers or ruled by thugs. It’s the kind of thing wars have been fought over. Better to preserve it than to have to win it back.


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