Fighting back with the truth

Mark Twain was never more right than when he said “A lie can run around the world three times while the truth is still getting its shoes on.” So its cause for celebration when the truth about Governor Walker’s reforms manages to cut through the fog of falsehood served up every day by the anti-Walker Left. And it’s all the more satisfying when the truth manages to find its way into the pages of the mainstream media.

An example turned up earlier this month in USA Today, in the form of an opinion column by Nick Schulz of the American Enterprise institute. Schultz explains why a Walker recall election is more important than the 2012 Presidential election:

Wisconsin has emerged as a central battleground in the fight over the outsized political role played by, and the enormous privileges enjoyed by, public employee unions. The collective bargaining entitlement enables public sector workers to extract excessive compensation, benefits, and pension packages at the expense of taxpayers.

Public employee unions understand that the legitimacy of collective bargaining privileges is now in question, as cash-strapped states struggle under the burden of a costly public sector. If they can knock off Walker, they send a powerful signal to other reform-oriented governors not to target collective bargaining.

And he quotes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s positive editorial about the Governor’s reforms.

“The governor did balance the budget … he did reduce the structural deficit significantly; he did put a lid on property tax increases; he did give schools and municipalities more control over their budgets than they’ve had in years.”

If you think someone might be won over by reading 11 concise paragraphs on the necessity of the Walker reforms, show him this column.


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