Democrats to labor: “Drop dead.”

Last week’s State Assembly vote on iron-mining legislation revealed the ugly truth: Legislative Democrats who blather about the importance of creating family-supporting jobs, aren’t willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Anybody who’ s spent time in Northern Wisconsin knows the economy in that part of the state has been pretty much a hand-to-mouth affair for decades. It’s a wonderful place to live, provided you can find steady work.  At the opposite end of the state, the metal-bending industries of Southeast Wisconsin have seen manufacturing jobs wither away just as government everywhere has ballooned.

For these two remote but integrally connected poles of the Wisconsin economy, the new iron-mining venture Assembly Republicans and the Walker administration hope to secure, would mean a private-sector capital infusion of at least a billion dollars and jobs at every skill level, precisely when and where they’re needed most.

Last week, the Party that always claims it’s looking out for the little guy flatly rejected this. Given a clear choice between thousands of family-supporting jobs and cozying up to well-heeled, full-time environmentalists, Democrats—unanimously—told their blue-collar constituency to drop dead.

A large contingent of American blue-collar voters didn’t come to be called “Reagan Democrats” for no reason. One big reason is the sort of thing enviro-Democrats did in the Wisconsin Assembly last week.  For the moment, Republicans don’t need any help from Democrats to enact laws encouraging job creation.  Blue collar workers should never forget who’s trying to stop them.


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