Cover for the Coup

We didn’t plan to say anything about the fracas in Beloit, thinking it had been thoroughly covered by talk radio.  But at a weekend gathering of a dozen or so political junkies we were amazed to find a few who’d heard nothing about it, so here goes:

The Rock County Republican Party held its annual Lincoln Day Dinner February 11.  A local businessman who evidently remains purposefully apolitical, was invited to speak about his company’s ongoing project to take World War II veterans, at no cost, to see their memorials in Washington, D.C.

Because the occasion was a Republican Party event, thugs lay in waiting to abuse the attendees and interfere with them entering the building.  According to the Beloit Daily News, some protesters recognized the guest speaker and started the inevitable chant about boycotting his business.

Accompanying the businessman were a few veterans, all in their 80s. The protesters screamed abuse in their faces, one using a bullhorn.

We only hope none of these barbarians spend their weekdays teaching the children of Rock County in the public schools. But even that is a secondary concern.

The real worry is that the so-called mainstream media will continue to blackout anything that might reflect unfavorably on the Leftist coup now stalking Wisconsin.

Control of Wisconsin government is in serious jeopardy of being seized by people so indecent, so intellectually corrupt, so totally self-absorbed that they would physically intimidate elderly veterans. They make no effort to conceal what they really are, but they hardly need to. With the honorable exception of the Beloit Daily News, the despicable media cover it up.


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