Used by the media, respected by no one

Let’s get straight to the point: If the opportunity for iron mining, more than a billion dollars in private-sector investment, and thousands of quality jobs in mining, manufacturing, and ancillary businesses that would last for decades, go swirling down the drain in Wisconsin, you can chalk up the entire fiasco to the efforts of one man: State Senator Dale W. Schultz, R (for RINO), Richland Center.

Yesterday, Schultz revealed details of his very own mining bill.  Rather than working from the Assembly version, it appears Schultz started with current law and may have actually made it worse.   Assembly Republicans had nothing good to say about Schultz’s so called “compromise.”

Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon), Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R–Abbotsford) and Joint Finance Co-Chair Robin Vos (R-Rochester) issued the following statement regarding Schultz’s bill:

 “We need a bill that is going to bring mining back to the state of Wisconsin and create thousands of jobs for struggling workers statewide.  On its face, the Schultz-Jauch proposal is based largely on a substitute amendment that was already rejected by the Assembly because it ensures that no company will ever do business here. 

“Assembly Republicans are open to working with the Senate on a compromise that will ensure the future of mining in our state, but tax increases and legal red tape that will deny Wisconsin thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue are non-starters in this house.”  

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, having it both ways, came up with a disingenuous story about Republican “moderates” reaching for compromise. Too bad the compromise allows the greens to contrive endless regulatory delays.

Meanwhile—you have to wonder where he finds the time—Schultz has teamed up with colleague Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) to sell a proposal handing over legislative redistricting powers to—drum roll, please—a nonpartisan commission.

Think Government Accountability Board, but with a better chance of getting away with doing whatever it wants.

Just to clarify, derailing the mining bill and making redistricting even worse are about neither mining nor redistricting. They’re about pandering for favorable attention from the Liberal media, a full-time preoccupation for Schultz since he first became a legislator in 1982.


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