Playing the hand they were dealt

There’s been plenty of second-guessing since the Walker campaign announced that it will not challenge any of the signatures turned in by recall petitioners.

Your gut tells you the cheaters number in the hundreds of thousands, and your gut is almost certainly right.

But then there’s that little thing about not picking fights you can’t win.

A Dane County court has made certain that the Walker campaign can’t possibly perform a proper review of all the signatures on file, even though the numbers will fall 20 percent short of the million recall organizers claim they collected. The court’s decision isn’t stopping the stunningly incompetent Government Accountability Board (GAB) from requesting more time and money to review the same recall petitions.

It hardly seems fair, but in a culture where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s not a good idea to play in a game you know is rigged and be seen as losing.

But all is not lost. Volunteers for the Republican Party and other grassroots organizations will continue to scour the petitions for fraud and other violations. They will make their findings public and pursue criminal charges if appropriate. Remember, a Racine man is already facing two counts of election fraud and seven counts of personal identification theft thanks to the efforts of these volunteers.


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