If, as we suspect is the case with most normal people, you’ve grown weary of ceaseless political combat, we have some unwelcome news.

Labor unions, nationwide, are investing their money in building political operations that will be active not just at election time, but all year ‘round. And Wisconsin is one of their key target states.

Last Monday The Wall Street Journal quoted AFL-CIO Political Director Mike Podhorzer sketching out the plan:

“He said unions are shifting money toward getting their own members and others to vote for labor-backed candidates. The federation is also investing in key states, such as Wisconsin and Ohio—sites of big battles over the rights of public-employee unions—to build a political structure that will operate year-round instead of just ahead of elections. Mr. Podhorzer asserted that this type of spending will result in Mr. Obama and other Democratic candidates ‘getting more value out of what we’re doing.’”

On one hand, this wouldn’t be happening if unions didn’t think they were in very deep trouble. On the other hand—though we don’t know exactly what shape this continuous campaign will take—it’s a pretty good bet there will be attempts to horn in on every event that attracts more than 50 people for the next few years. Think: Occupy Summerfest.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that every new episode will sharpen the contrast between the makers and the takers. People will notice.

And one other thing: If some pretty competent political strategists at the AFL-CIO didn’t think the Walker reforms were leading this whole nation in a new direction, they wouldn’t bother working so hard to destroy them.


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