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The MacIver Institute has produced a little gem that deserves a great deal more notice than it’s received since its release a couple of weeks ago.  Doing the homework busy voters don’t have time for, MacIver provides the documentation that ought to settle any recall election before the first ballot is cast.

We refer to MacIver’s heads-up comparison the Jim Doyle budget of 2009-11 and the first budget enacted by Governor Walker.

Some highlights:

  • The last Doyle budget increased taxes $2 billion and still failed to eliminate the state’s structural deficit.
  • The first Walker budget wiped out the structural deficit and gave Wisconsin its first set of genuinely balanced books in 16 years—without increasing taxes.
  • Spending grows under both budgets, but the Doyle increase is more than six percent and the Walker increase is less than two.
  • Government borrowing is cut in half under Walker’s budget compared with Doyle’s, while property taxes rise by less than one-third as much as under the last Doyle budget.

For too many years, self-deception about the real and rising risk of insolvency was a bipartisan affair, but only one side admits this. The side that’s still in denial would throw Scott Walker out of office and replace him with a Doyle clone. Guess what happens then.

Whatever else might occur between now and a recall election, voters will be well-served by remembering that a Democrat in the governor’s office kept making things worse, until Scott Walker started making them better.


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