D is for Destruction

Iron mining is dead in Wisconsin for the time being, but we aren’t close to finished dealing with the consequences or holding the job-killers accountable.

It was Dale W. Schultz who handed them the bullet to kill mining jobs, but it was Democrats who pulled the trigger, and it was a communal effort: Remember, not one Democrat in either house voted for the mining bill.

If this seems bizarre, it should. Why would every last member of a legislative delegation vote to deny their constituents the opportunity for a good job?  One explanation is the deliberate dumping of blue-collar constituencies in favor of the public employee unions who care more about defeating Scott Walker than keeping their own members employed.  A letter signed by public union bosses from South Eastern Wisconsin illustrates their callousness toward their own members.

Blue-collar union members like Lyle Balistreri are starting to get the message and they blame the 16 Senate Democrats for killing thousands of jobs at a time when they are badly needed.  Balistreri, President of the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council, sent recall enthusiasts and their Democrat puppets an equally clear message at a rally in Milwaukee last week.

“For the Senate Democrats to vote against this bill is a sign that they’re not with us. They’re certainly not job creators, and in fact they’re job killers. … The working people in the state of are taking a beating. Democrats and Republicans are at each other’s throats, and this sort of thing has to stop.”

After standing with the government unions in Madison last winter, laborers, carpenters, and electricians have been slapped in the face more than once by Democrats.

Hours before Democrats killed mining jobs; we saw an e-mail from Wisconsin Progress, the Madison branch-office of the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress. It served notice that a deal in the making had been detected, and any “weak-kneed Democrat” who followed through and voted for mining jobs would become a target. The word “primary” wasn’t mentioned. There was no need.

If you’re a skilled-trade union member and you think you have a home in the Democratic Party, we’ve got some bad news.


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