Why judicial elections are so important

Next time someone says it would be nicer if the selection of state Supreme Court justices were turned over to a mythically impartial panel of public policy wizards; consider what’s happened twice in Madison within a week.

Two Dane County judges have barred enforcement of Wisconsin’s voter ID law, one issuing a permanent injunction claiming the Legislature and Governor Walker “exceeded their authority” by enacting a photo ID requirement.

The other judge is presiding over a civil suit seeking to overturn the law.  Governor Walker is a named defendant in the lawsuit. The judge, David Flanagan, is a signer of the Walker recall petition. Flanagan’s wife has done political work for ex-Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, who may be Walker’s opponent in a recall election.

This sort of thing happens all the time in Venezuela.  Unfortunately, it happens all the time in Dane County too.

Appeals of these actions automatically go to the District IV Court of Appeals, based in Madison and stacked with Liberal judge.

The next stop would be the state Supreme Court. Your ability to elect its seven justices is your ONLY defense against left-wing Dane County judges discarding the will of the statewide majority. The minute you lose your ability to elect Supreme Court justices, that defense is gone forever.

Odds are Dane County will always put leftists on the bench. Sadly, the problem doesn’t end at the county line. The abuses in this case are offenses against every law-abiding citizen of this state.

RINO Dale Schultz, mush-headed editorial boards, and the world’s richest left-wingers are maneuvering to eliminate Wisconsin Supreme Court elections. The supreme arrogance of the Dane County judiciary is what you’ll live with every single day if they succeed.


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