Moonbat alert

Last week we drew your attention to a valuable new project to hold the media accountable for their politically convenient omissions and often misleading coverage.

With so much skullduggery to comment on, there’s never enough space to mention it all, but here are two positively bizarre items we’ve held onto from mid-March.  First is a convoluted scenario cooked up by ex-Journal-Sentinel business reporter Avrum Lank:

Mr. Lank, a petition signer with a Recall Walker sign prominently displayed at his residence, appears to be so deep into Walker Derangement Syndrome that he’s confused the Governor with Richard Nixon—or perhaps pretending Walker is Nixon makes it more satisfying for Liberals to hate him.

It’s worth emphasizing that in his weird yarn-spinning about a Walker resignation driven by the ongoing John Doe investigation, Lank doesn’t mention it was Walker who requested the investigation in the first place.  Surely he knows that; it’s even been mentioned in the paper he used to work for.

Second is this astonishing Journal-Sentinel column by Eugene Kane, parroting the Lena Taylor line that Democrats really, really, oh-so-badly wanted to pass mining legislation and it was those worker-hating Republicans who killed it and threw away thousands of jobs.

The Journal-Sentinel is far from unique: Wisconsin is teeming with reporters and editors who evidently think the people of this state are mostly idiots. The Hold Them Accountable project is a fine way to show them otherwise.

You might also consider giving the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editors a call to let them know what you think of their impartial news coverage.

MARTIN KAISER, Sr. Vice President/Editor
(414) 224-2345 
GEORGE STANLEY, Vice President/Managing Editor
(414) 224-2248


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