Trying it their way, VII

Regular readers know we’ve given lots of attention in recent months to the one thing Democrats never seem to think it’s important to discuss: their program for Wisconsin if they should succeed in removing Governor Walker from office.

We’ve looked at states where government employee unions have been able to conduct business as usual, and the effect this has had on those states’ fiscal condition and the burdens borne by their taxpayers and job-creators. It hasn’t been a pretty sight.

This week we get to look at a city run forever by Democrats in a state that, like Wisconsin, elected a Republican governor in 2010 to replace a Liberal Democrat.

That city would be Detroit, bankrupt in all but name because of impossible promises made to government employee unions.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder is trying to work out a plan for the state of Michigan to help Detroit bridge the gap financially while it rationalizes its labor agreements. How tough that will be was outlined last Thursday by the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal points out that Democratic Mayor Dave Bing is laying off city employees to save money, but his hands are tied by collective bargaining agreements that forbid benefit changes.  Detroit’s benefit obligations to retirees are so immense that Bing could lay off all 11,000 current city employees and still not solve the problem, the Journal notes.  Where do you go with this?

“The best solution would be for the state to limit collective bargaining as Republican Governor Scott Walker did in Wisconsin,” the Journal says.

Thankfully, Walker got it done before Wisconsin found itself like Michigan, with 109 cities in financial distress.  We applied the brakes in time.  Recall supporters will never say it, but their agenda is to cut the brake lines.


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