Celebrating diversity, Madison-style

It’s almost impossible to venture outdoors in Madison without being instructed by someone’s rear bumper to “celebrate diversity” or “coexist.”  It’s also nearly impossible to miss the fact that what might be just another mush-headed  Liberal admonition anywhere else is considered a mandate in Wisconsin’s capital city, a mandate with a narrow set of compliance options.

And as happens so often with mandates issued by the Left, the Left is exempt.

In a story by former Capital Times reporter Dave Blaska, published by In Business Wisconsin, Blaska describes a note placed on the windshield of a truck with a pro-Walker bumper sticker, parked in one of Madison’s lefty neighborhoods. The note reads:

“Dear neighbor:  We value opinions and diversity—so color yourself lucky. In every other neighborhood in this town, your truck would have required bodywork or at least a paint job (for key damage) by now. We cannot wait until your hero leaves our Capitol in handcuffs—and you this neighborhood!”

It would be a dangerous mistake to assume the note-writer is not representative of the Dane County mentality. Imagine a person so mentally twisted as to pay tribute to his own broadminded tolerance and superior virtue by means of a menacing, anonymous threat. Then imagine hundreds of thousands of such people, seething with hatred and intent upon nullifying any decision by the statewide electorate that displeases them.

The stakes in the upcoming recall elections could hardly be higher. It’s an instructive moment when the Left tells us exactly how high, in its own poisonous words.


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