What’s going on here?

Maybe it’s just the standard blather but then again, maybe we’re spotting the front edge of yet another coordinated propaganda campaign.

Within a five-day period in mid-March, two ostensibly independent reports turned up singing the same tune: the accusation that state government in Wisconsin operates in the shadowy mists and is to be suspected of lacking integrity.

We bow to no one in our certainty that government needs to be kept under close watch at all times, but two highly similar suggestions that something is fishy, timed less than a week apart, make us wonder, especially considering the sources.

The first “report” came from WISPIRG, the Wisconsin arm of a Ralph Nader operation that dines upon involuntary student fees on college campuses nationwide.

WISPIRG (Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group—no kidding,) says it detects insufficient transparency in state government spending. That’s the kind of Homer Simpson moment we’ve long since come to expect from the clumsy WISPIRG, which—wait for it!—doesn’t disclose the sources of its own funding.  (Its web site says it’s citizen-financed, without mentioning that the citizens don’t get a choice.)

The second “report,” popping up five days later, is equally easy to spot for a set-up job, because it’s a product of the George Soros-funded Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism which, unlike the transparency mavens at WISPIRG, identifies its funding sources if you take a few minutes to look.

We can’t claim to know this is a coordinated campaign offensive, but Liberal front groups pumping up clouds of suspicion around state government with off-schedule elections just a couple of months away? Let’s just say it wouldn’t be a big departure from the Leftist playbook.


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