Hold them accountable

New Wisconsin employment numbers were released last week and the news, finally, was good. More than 12,000 jobs have been added.

But the report was handled a bit differently from bad employment news. When jobs were disappearing month after month, you could count on seeing the numbers right in the headlines, screaming doom. This time, we saw headlines about “spinning” the numbers or “seizing on” them for political gain. Translation: These numbers look good but you shouldn’t trust them.

Funny how the numbers always look solid to the media except when they reflect credit on the Walker administration.

If you’re sick of reporters and editors weaving a web of suspicion around every action by Scott Walker while pretending not to see obvious malfeasance by Democrats, and if you’ve been wishing for an effective way to hold them accountable, here’s your chance:

A new Facebook page called, “Hold Them Accountable” is dedicated to exposing and challenging biased or selective reporting, and media blackouts of stories that need to be told. It will enable citizens to directly contact reporters and editors and let them know their readers are paying attention.

Some say the dictatorship in Poland, 30 years ago, was doomed the minute Americans started donating fax machines to Polish pro-freedom organizations.  Technology that’s ancient by today’s standards freed people to tell each other about important events. Soon, Poles knew the government-controlled media’s self-serving reports were a long way from reality.  Now we have Facebook.

The new technology is far more efficient. Reminding the intellectually corrupt media that we can do without them might just embarrass them into doing their jobs.


Why judicial elections are so important

Next time someone says it would be nicer if the selection of state Supreme Court justices were turned over to a mythically impartial panel of public policy wizards; consider what’s happened twice in Madison within a week.

Two Dane County judges have barred enforcement of Wisconsin’s voter ID law, one issuing a permanent injunction claiming the Legislature and Governor Walker “exceeded their authority” by enacting a photo ID requirement.

The other judge is presiding over a civil suit seeking to overturn the law.  Governor Walker is a named defendant in the lawsuit. The judge, David Flanagan, is a signer of the Walker recall petition. Flanagan’s wife has done political work for ex-Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, who may be Walker’s opponent in a recall election.

This sort of thing happens all the time in Venezuela.  Unfortunately, it happens all the time in Dane County too.

Appeals of these actions automatically go to the District IV Court of Appeals, based in Madison and stacked with Liberal judge.

The next stop would be the state Supreme Court. Your ability to elect its seven justices is your ONLY defense against left-wing Dane County judges discarding the will of the statewide majority. The minute you lose your ability to elect Supreme Court justices, that defense is gone forever.

Odds are Dane County will always put leftists on the bench. Sadly, the problem doesn’t end at the county line. The abuses in this case are offenses against every law-abiding citizen of this state.

RINO Dale Schultz, mush-headed editorial boards, and the world’s richest left-wingers are maneuvering to eliminate Wisconsin Supreme Court elections. The supreme arrogance of the Dane County judiciary is what you’ll live with every single day if they succeed.

To Hell with jobs

That stark headline is the honest version of what the State Senate said Tuesday to thousands of people in northern Wisconsin and the Milwaukee area who were hoping for a better life through a revitalized mining industry.

To be precise, it’s what so-called Republican Dale Schultz and all 16 Senate Democrats said to a state that needs more jobs, economic activity and state and local tax revenues. Not this time.

We’d intended to write something about how time was short but there might be a slim chance to persuade one Democrat to do something decent and put jobs ahead of partisanship. We won’t waste our time with that Pollyanna vision of Wisconsin politics, and neither will the mining company who pulled up stakes last night saying “we get it, we’re not welcome here.”

We can still hope that jobless Wisconsin residents who have been voting for Democrats might benefit, at recall time and in November, from reminding themselves what Democrats did to them Tuesday.

As for the daily insult of Schultz with an “R” after his name, don’t bet on that lasting much longer. He is and always has been playing his own game. It boils down to fishing for compliments and labels like “reasonable” or “responsible,” in media reports written by people who hate his current party and almost anything that involves putting a shovel in the ground. Wisconsin’s unparalleled king of panderers has lately taken to praising ex-Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, who’s sold out to the teacher unions in her bid to unseat Governor Walker.

For those who relish irony, a Schultz defection would be almost certain to net a couple of editorials calling him “principled.” That’s a temptation he probably couldn’t resist.

Everything you need to know

The MacIver Institute has produced a little gem that deserves a great deal more notice than it’s received since its release a couple of weeks ago.  Doing the homework busy voters don’t have time for, MacIver provides the documentation that ought to settle any recall election before the first ballot is cast.

We refer to MacIver’s heads-up comparison the Jim Doyle budget of 2009-11 and the first budget enacted by Governor Walker.

Some highlights:

  • The last Doyle budget increased taxes $2 billion and still failed to eliminate the state’s structural deficit.
  • The first Walker budget wiped out the structural deficit and gave Wisconsin its first set of genuinely balanced books in 16 years—without increasing taxes.
  • Spending grows under both budgets, but the Doyle increase is more than six percent and the Walker increase is less than two.
  • Government borrowing is cut in half under Walker’s budget compared with Doyle’s, while property taxes rise by less than one-third as much as under the last Doyle budget.

For too many years, self-deception about the real and rising risk of insolvency was a bipartisan affair, but only one side admits this. The side that’s still in denial would throw Scott Walker out of office and replace him with a Doyle clone. Guess what happens then.

Whatever else might occur between now and a recall election, voters will be well-served by remembering that a Democrat in the governor’s office kept making things worse, until Scott Walker started making them better.


If, as we suspect is the case with most normal people, you’ve grown weary of ceaseless political combat, we have some unwelcome news.

Labor unions, nationwide, are investing their money in building political operations that will be active not just at election time, but all year ‘round. And Wisconsin is one of their key target states.

Last Monday The Wall Street Journal quoted AFL-CIO Political Director Mike Podhorzer sketching out the plan:

“He said unions are shifting money toward getting their own members and others to vote for labor-backed candidates. The federation is also investing in key states, such as Wisconsin and Ohio—sites of big battles over the rights of public-employee unions—to build a political structure that will operate year-round instead of just ahead of elections. Mr. Podhorzer asserted that this type of spending will result in Mr. Obama and other Democratic candidates ‘getting more value out of what we’re doing.’”

On one hand, this wouldn’t be happening if unions didn’t think they were in very deep trouble. On the other hand—though we don’t know exactly what shape this continuous campaign will take—it’s a pretty good bet there will be attempts to horn in on every event that attracts more than 50 people for the next few years. Think: Occupy Summerfest.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that every new episode will sharpen the contrast between the makers and the takers. People will notice.

And one other thing: If some pretty competent political strategists at the AFL-CIO didn’t think the Walker reforms were leading this whole nation in a new direction, they wouldn’t bother working so hard to destroy them.

Playing the hand they were dealt

There’s been plenty of second-guessing since the Walker campaign announced that it will not challenge any of the signatures turned in by recall petitioners.

Your gut tells you the cheaters number in the hundreds of thousands, and your gut is almost certainly right.

But then there’s that little thing about not picking fights you can’t win.

A Dane County court has made certain that the Walker campaign can’t possibly perform a proper review of all the signatures on file, even though the numbers will fall 20 percent short of the million recall organizers claim they collected. The court’s decision isn’t stopping the stunningly incompetent Government Accountability Board (GAB) from requesting more time and money to review the same recall petitions.

It hardly seems fair, but in a culture where perception routinely trumps reality, it’s not a good idea to play in a game you know is rigged and be seen as losing.

But all is not lost. Volunteers for the Republican Party and other grassroots organizations will continue to scour the petitions for fraud and other violations. They will make their findings public and pursue criminal charges if appropriate. Remember, a Racine man is already facing two counts of election fraud and seven counts of personal identification theft thanks to the efforts of these volunteers.

Fishing for grievances

Last Tuesday’s debut of Photo ID went off without a hitch. Naturally, the media went fishing for ways to convey the opposite. Of the few stories about people who were allegedly inconvenienced, some were fishy, some just stupid.

In the latter category is the tale of an Air Force veteran from Racine who attempted to vote with a photo ID issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Well, SHAZAM! That card, like oh… half a million other forms of photo ID issued by various agencies, employers, wholesale clubs, what-have-you, is not recognized by the Wisconsin law.

The veteran admitted he had a valid driver’s license but declined to produce it and left without voting, saying he took offense that his Veterans Affairs card was rejected. In other words, his rights were violated because he had to follow the same rules as everyone else.

His deliberate abrasiveness wouldn’t rate a mention here, except that it’s now being used to gin up legislation opening the door for other forms of ID. The obvious intent is to “flood the zone,” and render the law incomprehensible to the poll workers whose job is to apply it.

Want more evidence that the media are bent on sabotaging Voter ID?  A fourth suit has been filed to overturn the law. Wisconsin’s so-called mainstream media don’t hesitate to tell you that, but if you want to know anything about the plaintiffs, you’re on your own.

We found the plaintiff, but only by going to the Sacramento Bee, for crying out loud. And guess what?  It’s George Soros again. He doesn’t want voters electing Supreme Court Justices, but wants anybody and everybody to vote in other elections without having to show who they are.