Distort and Distract

It didn’t talke long for President Obama to launch his full frontal assault on Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan.  The President can’t run on his failed record, so he’s trying to distract voters by distroting the truth. Congressman Ryan recently responded to the President’s attack.

The President’s Speech Distorts the Truth to Distract From His Failed Record
by Paul Ryan
In today’s disappointing speech, the President made a series of claims that are simply false.
The President’s attacks began with an admission that his assumptions reflect White House spin, not our budget’s substance: “I want to go through what it would mean for our country if these cuts were to be spread out evenly.”  Of course, the assumption that our budget makes these kinds of indiscriminate cuts is false. The House Budget Committee made dozens of specific assumptions to justify our numbers, and we made these assumptions public in the hundreds of pages of text we posted inplain view on the House Budget Committee’s website. It’s not a “secret plan” to “never tell us where the knife may fall” – it is a specific plan to cut waste, eliminate programs that don’t work, end crony politics, and carefully prioritize hardworking taxpayers’ money in precisely the way leaders of the President’s party have refused to do for over three years. In a related vein, does this new standard allow for analyses of the President’s budget to go through what it would mean for the country if the President’s $2 trillion tax increase were to be spread out evenly?
Instead of using numbers from the actual House-passed budget, the President’s claims relied on false assumptions created out of thin air by the White House.
As a matter of fact, it is actually the President’s budget that makes it far more likely that college students, the sick, mothers, young children, seniors and all Americans would face harsh disruptions in government services and indiscriminate cuts. By making our unsustainable fiscal trajectory worse, his budget guarantees a debt-fueled economic crisis, which would hurt society’s most vulnerable the first and the worst.
A detailed rebuttal of the myths about Congressman Ryan’s Path to Prosperity can be found at “Setting the Record Straight.”

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